Why Hubell & Associates LLC

What Makes Us the Go-To Boutique for Complex Litigation and Trial Practice?
We are 100% devoted to the resolution of disputes. We are aggressive and trial ready, and we focus on the heart of a dispute.


We focus only on disputes.

We are regularly appointed as special advocates and trial counsel for clients of other attorneys.

  • Conducting pretrial and trial work.
  • Partnering with law firms that continue as client advisors while we conduct in-court advocacy


Recognized for excellence by the Courts and our colleagues at the Bar, we are the premier choice for clients seeking a small aggressive litigation firm.

Our firm is truly unique. Not only is the firm focused on litigation, but it also possesses unique aspects that, peers insist, “don’t exist at any other firms.”

These include:
Access to and of counsel relationships with the very top echelon of the bar and other attorneys at the very top of their respective fields with a wide variety of experience, vast resources and local New York City experience, which enables us to pursue aggressive positions on behalf of our clients.

Goal-Oriented Trial Practice

Our firm attacks each engagement using an aggressive, trial-focused strategy designed to get to “the heart of the matter” as quickly as possible. We are trained in a specific model of litigation. We do not engage in time-consuming pre-trial jousting that is immaterial to a victory. Our clients trust us to keep their objectives in sight and to focus all of our efforts on key aspects of the controversy that are material to ultimate success.

Innovative Fee Structures

In many cases, our clients can take advantage of our services for fixed fees with premiums for achieving specific solutions to the problem at hand. Our innovative approach to valuing professional services affords our clients a rare measure of certainty regarding the expenses associated with each stage of the litigation.

High Quality, Low Volume

What sets Hubell & Associates apart is the level of personal commitment and attention we devote to each matter. We accept only a limited number of engagements to ensure that our clients enjoy access, responsiveness, and service consistent with the highest standards of the profession. When we make a commitment to take on an engagement, we work on your matter whenever and however necessary to accomplish the objectives.

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